Launching a new branch of the skimboard industry

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Apr 102011

For a while, we’ve had flatlanders and wave riders. Now we are pioneering a new categorization: The endurance skimboarder. Also known as “SKIMDURANCE” riders, these skimboard fanatics are focused on speed and distance. They want continuity and glide to be optimal. They don’t need to pull breakneck stunts. They just crave the experience of being a human-powered and water-cooled vehicle at high speed. They find that skimboarding merges all the best aspects of skateboarding and surfing, and they pursue their magic carpet ride along the shoreline. Their path undulates along the sweet spot where water stands about an inch deep, ebbing and flowing with the breaking waves. For more info about the rules and ways to participate in SKIMDURANCE riding, please visit

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Hyperbolic Comp

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Feb 202011

Working on a new Composite version of the Hyperbolic board! Can’t wait to see the results!! Will be offered for sale when the website goes live again. Check back soon! Spring is right around the corner. =)

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Hyperbolic Woodie

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Dec 082009

Hyperbolic boards are live on-site at W2F. We’re taking orders at a very low introductory price, just to get the word out about this fantastic new board shape.

It’s also appearing at the January 2010 Surf Expo. Our only regret, is that they won’t let us flood the floor and give skimming demos in front of our booth… =)


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Aug 012009

Going to the SURF EXPO on August 20-22, in Orlando Florida. Actually we’re going on the 19th to setup. But then, leaving a little early on the 22nd because there is a followup trip to Los Angeles for a little R&R time on the West Coast surf scene!

Best of all, at this SURF EXPO show we will be introducing a new prototype skimboard shape. If it’s well received and it rides as well as our early feedback has demonstrated, you’ll be seeing full information about this prototype on the site soon. Then, availability for purchase. It’ll be a big brother to the already-popular TWIN TIP. And, since it’s a W2F custom skimboard creation, it will be exclusive to our customers. Cool? Very cool.

See ya’ there!